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My Top Social Media Marketing Tips | Digital Consulting Company Services

Why I Care About Your Success

  • Starting an internet marketing firm takes time and dedication. I want you to get results so you can help my business grow too. I realized how difficult it is to do everything in your business, so I'm here to help build your existing business up to hopefully create a long-term relationship as we grow together. Social media marketing is always changing. If you want to grow on any platform, social media marketing can be a consistent way to grow organically and generate free leads and revenue for your business. I learned that no matter my client's ad spend budget, there is an opportunity for social media organic growth. Great Social media marketing takes lots of hard work, technical analysis, time, dedication, and constant adaptation as things change within these platforms.

Some of My Best Social Media Marketing Tips:

1. Hands-On-Approach to marketing (Direct to consumer).

viral tiktok social proof
viral tiktok social proof

You are in the same area consumers are able to message you at an equal ground of discussion on these platforms. Yes, you can have an authority in your space, but basically everyone is equal on social media generally speaking. People can talk about you openly and you can DM your customers. It's very personal. This is 1000% different than "interruptive" marketing where someone is in the middle of an action and that action is disrupted for an advertisement they didn't ask to watch, even if they're interested, they may not be interested in that particular time to click and in most cases. You would have paid per view for that person to have seen your ad. This makes direct-to-consumer marketing, in my opinion, the best way to reach your audience at a low cost, high return on time, and in any investment area of digital asset creation opportunity. Yes, as you grow a business there are people who are willing to buy the business website along with all the social media and email subscribers if you've been compliant with the laws in gaining traffic. Social media is where today's attention is focused, but don't depend on your social media channel as your only inbound prospecting method. At any point, your account(s) can get banned, your page can get hacked, or your content can get glitched out and erased from rare bugs. That's why building a long-term back end monetization strategy like email marketing systems is best practice in my experience.

2. Access to incredible viral data

steady growth youtube
steady growth youtube

You get access to all of the viral trends and current culture that your ideal audience is looking at. When you do what's called "market research" you end up finding successful organic campaigns and not-so-successful attempts. The best thing about looking at the competition is that you learn pretty fast what generates results and what doesn't from today's fast-paced social media platforms.

3. Social Media Platforms Have Been Rewarding Consistency Over Algorithm Hacking Methods In The Long Term

Everyone wants that trick, that 1 tip, that one little gimmick that will help you go viral. I will break it to you if you use a way to go viral that doesn't serve the interest of the problem your business solves then you will go viral for a reason other than that, and you will get results that are most likely unsatisfactory in terms of generating any leads if it's with tiktok specifically. Youtube, Tiktok, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook (Meta) and Twitter are great platforms to generate leads with organic traffic with enough consistency and a compounding effect of value-based lead generation. I've found that in order to get people who are interested in what you have to offer them, you have to show it to them bluntly in a way they're able to actually feel positive emotions about interpreting in terms of you being the trustworthy solution to their problem. Showing real visualization and storytelling through the videos that tie into your brand identity is one of the best ways to integrate yourself into the culture of your company.

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