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Lyon Polk - Domain/Website Opportunity

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Lyon Polk is a Wealth Advisor from Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management in New York, New York . He has been featured in Forbes magazine. You can read more about his forbes listing below. He’s also been in Barron’s . I own his domain name and he must contact me to gain ownership of it. This is textbook domain flipping/website flipping. I will build up a blog page dedicated to lyon polk and redirect to it. It’s currently being showcased as a lead generation tool for his competition in New York. In order to prevent this, he must contact me or buy the website below on the bottom of the blog.

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Lyon Polk Salary and Net Worth:

  • $21B Team Assets (Custodied)

  • $50M-2B Typical Account Size

  • $50M Minimum Account Size

  • $100M-5B Typical Net Worth of Relationships


Lyon Polk and his wife Hilary Polk. NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 22: The couple attend the City of New York Museum's Winter Ball on February 22, 2018 in New York City.


He seems to not be on wikipedia yet. I'll fix that.


Lyon polk lives in new york city. Here's an exerpt from Barrons about Lyon Polk's home life:

Question: From your experience serving them (families), do you have any insights into what differentiates happy families from unhappy ones?

Answer: We’ve obviously seen all sorts of situations. I think the families where the kids inherited wealth [without] a purpose or a passion has been a real problem.

Kids who have their passion before they get wealth, whether it’s philanthropy, a business idea, or traveling … they tend to be happy. And, at least in my house, if my kids are happy, my wife is happy, and if my wife is happy I’m happy. And then the worst thing that we’ve seen happening is fighting in families between the kids. "


He went to Hartwick College and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts | Business Administration education.


Born March 31 1935 Makes him over 87 years old.

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