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Globe Life - Liberty National Insurance - Domain/Website Opportunity

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

National Liberty Insurance is a nationwide insurance company and Globe Life Liberty National Division is what currently ranks 1st page on google. I own and but getting in contact with Globe Life's decision-makers has been extremely difficult. Here's a picture below of the 1st page of google for the keywords "national liberty insurance".

You can see that they're currently number 1 for this term. Thus, selling them these domains are within their best business interest.


If you'd like to buy them and try to rank for these terms yourself, you may do so above or even buy the domains to re-sell them to Globe life as shown above or any other interested company.

Ranking for national insurance pays a minimum of $1.61 per click all the way up to $7.29 as of august 2022. You can easily register a business under this domain name through the secretary of state with a pharase match to this domain for authenticity (in reality this step isn't neccessary, but will allow you to not get suspended on google for "suspicious activity" while trying to rank on local SEO if you choose that route (I'll help you if you wanna buy it).

This could make you thousands of dollars per month with enough traffic from ranking with a combination of SEO techniques. The fact that the competition is low makes this a super easy opportunity to make a profitable blog or directory for national insurance. Sounds like I have a new project to focus on in the next month or two if nobody buys it while I'm promoting this website. Keep reading more blogposts!

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