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Best Boat Insurance Rare Business Opportunity

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

The more time I spend domain flipping, the better I get at it. Yes, you do want to look up the keyword volume on google keyword planner to know how many people are searching for you keyword phrase or exact match monthly. Google "how to use google keyword planner for SEO" and "how to use google keyword planner for Google Maps" and "how to use google keyword planner for buying domain names". Learn all of that and you'll be in a great spot to do the following domain flipping plays such as this one.

All .net TLD's (the ending of the website like .com is a TLD) are appraised at approximately 10% of the .com. You can learn more about domain investing through blogs like this one.

I currently own and because best boat insurance is selling for about 300k I can safely say this domain for best boat insurance is around 30k for a fair price. I'm willing to rent this domain space out for a few thousand dollars monthly and help you generate traffic to it as long as you pay for the ads! Check it out below! I raised the price on the buy it now for anyone not coming from this blog. Make an offer below or contact me if you want to rent it thorough the same link

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