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How To Accomplish Incredible Things! 10 Steps to Guarantee Success To Yourself

Updated: Feb 12

Here are 10 steps to guarantee your goal achievement

1. Choose a Goal That Motivates You

One of the key elements of successful goal achievement is motivation. When you set a goal, make sure that it’s important to you, and that it has value. That is, the goal must have clearly defined benefits. In addition, the goal should be relevant to your life’s bigger picture. When you set a goal make sure that you’re highly motivated to achieve that goal by doing the following:

  • Ask yourself if you feel pushed to set the goal based on the expectations of others, or if it’s something that you feel pulled to do based on your own needs, wants, and aspirations. Obviously, you want to make sure that your goal falls into the second group.

  • Ask yourself the following: “From 1 to 10, how badly do I want this goal?”

  • If you had to explain to a friend why you’re working on this particular goal, what would you say?

  • Write down all of the benefits that you expect to receive if you achieve your goal.

Lastly, ask yourself how your goal fits into your life’s bigger picture. As an illustration, reading “War and Peace” fits into my medium-range goal of reading the most important books of Russian literature. That, in turn, fits into my long-term goal of reading the 365 most important books ever written.

Once you’re sure that you’re very motivated to pursue the goal that you’ve set for yourself, move on to the second step of the process.

2. Make It Specific.

I’m positive you’ve heard this 1,000,000 times: being vague makes vague results. If you need positive, straightforward results, your desires must be specific. Below you’ll see how the aim of “Read ‘War and Peace'” is going from being really vague to being rather particular and specific: I need to enhance myself. I need to study greater. I’m going to study the classics. I’m going to study the classics on my listing of “365 Classics to Read Before I Die”. If you want to know about that book as your end goal. If you end goal is to become a millionaire, then look at what millionaires have done with case studies, and reverse engineer the work it will take to get what you want. Look at your desire and create an action to create the results you want to the finest detail you can imagine. Ask yourself how to make it as straightforward and extremely specific as possible. I'm talking like " every Sunday from 3 pm to 9 pm I want to work on "X" in order to get as many measurable results as possible." Keep asking yourself, “How can I make this greater specific?” till you could nearly maintain the aim to your hand.

3. Set a Deadline.

Deadlines are certainly considered one of life’s tremendous motivators. They’re critical for competing actions carried out. My cut-off date for studying “War and Peace” is December thirty first 2017. Whatever aim you’re running on, ensure it has a cut-off date. If you want a few extra incentives, awareness of the primary 4 phrases of the cut-off date: “dead”. Pretend that in case you don’t attain your aim through the cut-off date, you’ll be shot dead.

(It's not actually that intense. Just get the work done because if you don't you will lose that much time you already lost multiplied by all the time you wont do it in the future... that's a lot more time than the time you spend doing the action if you create what we call "failure to take action" then you end up old and regretful before you know it)

4. Set Up Milestones.

A milestone is a transition from one segment to every other. When far from the end goal, milestones act as signs you're doing the right thing and on the right track. They additionally provide you with dreams with shorter time-frames to shoot for, a cause to rejoice whenever you attain a milestone, and the inducement to preserve going. The model of “War and Peace” that I’m studying is split into 4 books. Therefore, I’m the use of every e-book as a milestone. I already examined Book One. Since I examine Book One for the term that I had allocated for studying it, I recognize that I’m heading in the right direction towards the success of my aim.

5. Reward Yourself.

Rewards are a tremendous incentive for achieving your goals. Ideally, the manner of reaching your aim might be the praise in itself. In my case, I like to examine. However, I additionally contain extra “fun” factors into my goal accomplishment time. I'll go buy myself something or go do an activity that I planned to just for accomplishing the work that needed to be done.

6. Break the Goal Down Into Small, Achievable Steps.

Break down your goal into the smallest steps possible that are effective at accomplishing the goal in a timely manner. Schedule it, hold yourself to it, measure your progress, and then adjust from what's going correctly and fix what's going wrong as you continue forward to achieve the goal.

7. Schedule It.

Once you already know exactly what to do, then plan out when to do it and stick to it. You have nobody to blame but yourself if you do not accomplish your own goals (unless uncontrolled variables interfere, and in that case, learn and continue forward)

8. Measure Your Progress.

Keep track of your progress on a data sheet or somewhere that you will regularly check in on it and also write this out in your calendar as to when you need to check-in and make adjustments to the plans as you move forward. For you to be able to do this consistently without fail, you need things to be as black and white as possible as to what matters to you, what is getting done, and what isn't. You must keep track.

9. If You Fall Off the Wagon, Get Back On.

Don't fall for the trap of falling off the goal wagon. You want your goals for a reason! Do not give up. Giving up means that you will live a life of a combination of lack and random events instead of the reality you're creating through direct effort. No matter how often you lose focus, come back and keep going so you achieve what must be done.

10. Find a Way to Hold Yourself Accountable.

Hold yourself accountable to your goals through strong reasoning. You need a serious "why" in order to make sure you fully commit to these goals for the long term vision of multiple years. Stick to your plan! Imagine 3 months of daily effort for 2 hours a day... Way better than 1 year of this effort half-assed 20 min every few weeks. Just do it and get the mountain climbed so you can have the results from the labor as you move forward.

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