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Who Is Emmanuel Montaño?

Emmanuel Montano is a Business Solutions Specialist


Business Solutions For Your Exact Needs. Business Coaching, Help With Obtaining Funding, Marketing, Advertising, Scaling Your Business, Outsourcing, Business Planning & More.


Fill out the application below for the chance to work with me if we're a perfect fit for each other.

Need My Help?

Text me or Call me and leave voicemail 602-920-9710

Business Development Consulting

Emmanuel can help you pay for his variety of his business development and coaching/consulting services through his own consumer finance merchant portal that allows you to potentially access thousands of dollars to pay for the services without you coming out of pocket up front (uses credit 580 fico for standard approvals). Before applying, it is required to Check your credit report here for your fico scores for $1. If you need credit restoration/building assistance, click here. If all 3 of your fico scores are above 580, you could get pre-approved for our business development consulting without coming out of pocket and get funding to pay for our services. Please fill out the form below explaining your current needs and problems so we can best assist you. 

You may also text/voicemail emmanuel montano (602-920-9710so he can help you with your exact needs! Please leave a name, specific area of interest, and the biggest problems you're facing.

Marketing & Business Plans

Businesses are more than welcome to help themselves to our free (marketing related) website report explaining how to improve your online visibility, conversion, and overall website marketing efforts at no initial cost! This has been designed by our partner team who has worked with SCORE, SBA, Arizona Hockey Team, Reid Park Zoo, Hilton Hotels, & the Boys and Girls Club! If you are serious about creating a business plan, Emmanuel has additionally partnered with creators of successful business plans for Shark Tank & Start Engine businesses. Fill out the form expressing interest in a business plan. This is usually used to secure larger investors, get listed on Start Engine, or funding like SBA funding. These business plans costs a minimum of $2,500-$6,000 so please do not ask for one if you are not willing to spend a few thousand on a proper plan based off market research data that is not publicly accessible for free. Business plans requesting 6 or 7 figures in funding, investment, or for their StartEngine valuation usually take this option. This partner uses "Pitchbook" for their market research planning, which costs $25,000 for annual business data access. This not only allows you to make more educated business planning decisions but helps you prevent common mistakes when creating business plans. You have a much higher chance of a successful fund, investment, and application of your business plan this way. If this is a good fit for your needs then please Fill out the form expressing interest in a business plan or other questions you may have.

Fast Funding - Credit Stacking & Alternative Lending



Lender #1

No Minimum Credit Score Business Funding - Verified Revenue

10k+ Monthly Required or Commercial Inventory Backed, Equipment Backed, or Commercial Real Estate Backed


Revolving Lines of Credit, Term Loans, Small Business Loans, SBA Loans, AR & Inventory Line of Credit. Use National Business Capital

Lender #2

Verified Revenue Based Funding (Alternative Lending)

3k+ Monthly Minimum Revenue, Equipment Financing, or Commercial Real-estate Backed


Revenue Based Funding, Revenue Based Lines of Credit, Commercial Backed Funding, Equipment Financing, Employee Retention Tax Credits, Better Payment Processing Rates, and Employee Pay Anyday Available Now with David Allen Capital!

This option is mostly used by small to medium sized businesses who generate consistent revenue in their business/personal banking over 3k monthly. David Allen Capital uses secure login to verify banking revenue through "plaid" financial institution. This option above may fund you up to 2 million dollars with the revenue backed funding option. Up to 50 Million dollar funding available for commercial leveraged assets valued above 100k. Learn more inside link above.

Lender #3

Credit Stacking - Good Credit Score Based Funding (Stated Income)


Credit Stacking For Individuals/Business Owners With Fico Scores Above 680 as well as one primary account with 1 year of on time payments over 3k limit on one account: Lines of Credit, Credit Cards, Lending {Improve Probability of Maximized Funding generally around 50k to 250k}

through 7 Figures Funding.

This option above is mostly used by small businesses and individuals looking for funding up to 250k or realtors looking for down payments/funding on commercial or residential property. Learn more inside. These are not the only cases of use. You can fund startups with this! Rates as low as 0% for up to 18 months.



Secure the right Unsecured Term Loans available for you and your business. Choose 3, 5, and 7 year rates.


Access a Line of Credit with a Bank or Credit Union in the U.S. Treat this just like cash with monthly minimum payment.


Receive the best Revolving Lines of credit you and your business qualify for. 0% interest for up to 15 months.


Qualify for traditional business loans, SBA, and more on credit & business financial approval.

Credit Dispute Options - Credit Restoration Done For You

Best Credit Restoration Services I've Found After Years of Research:


Credit Repair #1

Credit Repair Cloud


Credit Repair #2

Dispute Bee


Use these credit restoration programs to guide you through credit restoration process by hand held dispute options in using current law to your advantage. These are the most effective credit restoration programs I have ever personally used.I personally recommend #1 over #2 but number 2 costs less. Both are incredible and will get the job done faster than your average credit restoration company.

Need My Help?

Text me or Call me and leave voicemail 602-920-9710

Personal and Business Funding

Emmanuel Montano does Business Funding, Personal Funding, and Consumer Finance Consulting. To pre-qualify for funding with no harm to your credit for checking your pre-approval: You could maximize your personal and business funding opportunities with our partner program by clicking here.**


Check your credit report here for your fico scores for $1.  If your scores are below 680 fico, please use this credit restoration/building assistance here.


If you are a business with revenue over 3k monthly and also have credit under 680, or are willing to leverage commercial real estate valued over 100k then use our business funding partner here. Otherwise, use the personal funding option in the first paragraph as you would most likely get more funding. If you still have questions, please fill out the form below for specialized assistance for your exact needs. You can reach me at 602-920-9710

Consumer Finance

Additionally, Emmanuel can help businesses statistically earn more income by offering consumer financing to your current customer base without changing your business. Studies show that just using consumer finance alone in your business boosts your sales from 30% to 2400% on average (mostly because your customers do not need to have the money up front to be able to afford your higher ticket programs over $500, all they need is approximately 580 fico score and they can potentially instantly access thousands of dollars to pay for your services within a day or so)  You need your EIN, articles of incorporation, and business bank account open. If you do not have this, contact us below with our website form and tell us you need help with your business documentation before applying to become a flexxbuy merchant (consumer finance)

Lower Cost Payment Processing

Businesses can save money on your payment processing (guaranteed by david allen capital partnership) by clicking here. You may additionally read about revenue based funding options, asset based funding, equipment financing, lines of credit, employee retention tax credits, healthcare, and identity protection through David Allen Capital here.

Alternative Funding For Small Businesses

If you'd like to get funding up to 2 million dollars in business capital, asset backed funding, employee retention tax credit, lines of credit, equipment financing, or cash flow funding (Minimum 3k revenue in banking revenue), or would like to get funding up to 50 million by leveraging commercial real estate click here. This is designed to help the statistical 80% of businesses who may not qualify for standardized bank funding. If you are a startup without cashflow and/or have good personal credit above 680 fico, please use link instead

My Story

Emmanuel Montano was born and raised in Tucson Arizona. He is currently partnered with both consumer finance and business funding platforms to help business owners and regular people reach the next levels in their journey through highly specialized assistance services for your exact needs. Fill out the form for specialized help.


Read about him in AZCENTRAL and MARKETWATCH. He has been acknowledged by Barron's Advisor on Linkedin for Domaining one of the most notorious Financial Advisors exact match domain name on their 2021 Top Advisors List "Lyon Polk". He currently still owns and has tried to contact this advisor for a transfer of ownership, but has gotten no response. 

You can read this excerpt from AZCENTRAL below:


Tucson, Arizona, United States, 12th Oct 2022 – Emmanuel Montano from is a new name in the business developer and domain flipping world. Expect the unexpected from him on your social media! He has millions of views as a business development manager and a big personality on tiktok and youtube primarily. He owns multiple high value domains that are publicly for sale/rent such as the domain of an exact match for a multi billion dollar wealth manager from Forbes top advisors list Lyon Polk at He also owns the phrase match domain name matching Marsh McLennan, a world leader in professional services in risk, strategy and people. He posted about the domains on his linkedin and Barrons Advisor actually liked the posts requesting help in order to transfer ownership of the domains to the highest online authority Marsh McLennan! You can realize he has a very bright future ahead of him in his early professional career. You don’t hear about hotshots like him every day. He also rents to the public and upon more research, we realized the value of such a domain is easily appraised over 5 figures alone because of the Google search ranking capabilities. Any boat insurance company could benefit heavily in that case and now you can see he has a special skill set that isn’t easy to copy. He is also seen coaching executives online by assisting them to better market themselves on social media, optimize their professional profiles such as linkedin and improve their google rankings with personal and business brands. “Ever since I was a child I wanted to do something with multiple businesses, but I didn’t know what it was… I’m glad to finally own I believe this signifies I made it to my life goal. That domain right there. Everything I had to go through to learn this information and stand here today as a successful business developer and domain flipper is shown in domains like these.” Emmanuel Montano said in a virtual meeting with him.

He has been featured in Arizona Daily Star, CBS, FOX and other online publications for his work and his uniquely positive personality. He reached out to the top rated resort in scottsdale to transfer ownership of recently, a luxury resort with the top bid per click at $300 per visitor during their most competitive time of year and over 10k searches monthly around the world for the exact phrase. Monetizing this total global publisher traffic would earn $3,000,000 per month from that data!... read more on origiginal article below.

Read original article from AZCENTRAL


After partnering with Flexxbuy (Consumer Finance Brokerage) and David Allen Capital (Business Funding Brokerage) has has become a well known figure in the arizona financial arena at the age of 27 as of 2023. He loves to donate to charity such as Goodwill and help businesses evolve their processes through his coaching and consulting.

He also helps startups restore and build their credit to be able to qualify for higher limit funding opportunities as well as coach them through their business funding needs.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to help businesses and people improve their lives one step at a time with! Let's connect.

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Located In Scottsdale & Tucson Arizona

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